Start: January 2014. Completion: ongoing Contract Value undisclosed. Contract Type: Private dwelling

In January 2014 CDC was appointed to design a new 300m2 house for a private client in a village just outside Cambridge. The house was to replace an existing smaller bungalow within a large garden plot, and was proposed to provide a new home for the client’s family.

The proposal suggested a two-storey house that provided spacious accommodation at ground floor whilst spanning a ‘beam’ of bedroom accommodation at first floor. The bedroom beam is set-back from the rear of the house and proves no higher than the ridge height of the existing bungalow. The house is expressed as a lightweight timber-clad element at first floor, with a brick-and-glass plinth at ground floor. Perforated brickwork and aluminium provide textural accents.

This efficient beam layout means all bedrooms have access from a wide southern-aspect landing, with a discrete staircase rising into it. A generous opening in the landing forms a double-height space allowing views between ground floor and first floor.

Considering the future flexibility of the family, a self-contained ground floor bedroom provides a guest suite. This contains a dressing area that could be converted to a kitchen. Along with a carefully designed bathroom for wheelchair use, this provides a self-contained series of spaces which could be utilized for the use and care of elderly family members.

At ground floor, the house has been designed as an open-plan sequence of different spaces, all of which open onto a stone-paved patio and pool. This allows private external dining, connecting to the generous kitchen via large sliding patio doors. Large areas of triple glazed floor-to-ceiling windows and doors allow the garden to form a green backdrop to the life of the house.



Development sketches

ground floor plan

first floor plan

roof plan

rear elevation development image

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