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Start: January 2012. Completion: January 2013. Contract Value: £4,000,000. Contract Type: Overcladding and Refurbishment.

'chadwickdryerclarke provided a solution to an inherent spatial conundrum between operational requirement and long-term flexibility. Sentiently astute and inquisitive, CDC were attentive to the requirements of the client in which to translate a complex organisational environment into asingle coherent design solution, adding value beyond the original brief in end-product delivery and user satisfaction.'

Ash Carline, Head of Projects', University of Bedfordshire

Shortlisted for the AJ Retrofit Awards 2013, in the Higher Education category.

chadwickdryerclarke were appointed by the University of Bedfordshire to design a major refurbishment of two existing buildings on its Luton campus forming its Business School. In tandem with this, we designed a new rooftop extension to the building and an over-cladding system to enhance the appearance and environmental performance of the existing buildings.

Our resultant design proposal consolidated each department into adjacent open plan offices, promoting inter departmental interaction, along with supporting meeting and teaching spaces.

The existing buildings (from the 1960s and 1990s building stock) had long-standing environmental issues, and did not fit with the carbon-reduction programme of the University. CDC’s cladding design greatly improves natural ventilation, thermal insulation and air-tightness to provide an energyefficient solution. Aesthetically the existing buildings will be harmonised with newer buildings more recently developed on the campus.

the roof extension has a dual function of improving the visual impact of the existing building, forming a new rooftop feature that increases the visibility of the Business School across Luton. In addition, the extension harnesses passive solar shading and improved natural ventilation to improve the comfort of the occupants within existing rooftop offices and teaching rooms.

The University’s Luton campus is now in possession of a centrally-located building that makes best use of its available space, is well-connected to its campus, and looks ostensibly like a ‘new building’ – a compliment the University has received from a number of visitors, and one of the key aims of the brief.

Photographs by LUKE HAYES


typical plan

exploded axonometric

concept image for the Knowledge Hub area

3d section of mansard roof construction

development space planning sketch

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