Start: 2012. Completion: 2013. Contract Value: undisclosed Contract Type: extension and internal remodelling.

A sensitive renovation and extension of a large Edwardian house in Cambridge’s central conservation area. A new space for relaxation and family activity is formed adjacent to the kitchen which - with its new fully-glazed cantilevered bay window and timber seat -provides a perfect location for rest and enjoyment of the garden. A glass-to glass corner ensures that views are uninterrupted and dissolves the boundary of inside and outside. To avoid root damage, the bay window has a cantilevering structure and is externally detailed to appear as though it ‘floats’. Materials have been selected to ensure that the new extension is sympathetic to the Edwardian house yet retains its own sharp contemporary aesthetic. To the upper storeys, bathrooms have been redesigned with a focus on space, light and colour. Sanitaryware has been carefully selected in tandem with high-quality wall and floor finishes, forming new attractive and stylish rooms. New finishes and joinery to the upper floors generally provide an improved impression of the existing circulation spaces and bedrooms. The high-quality interior and carefully detailed extension enhance the existing house and unites it with its beautiful surrounding landscape, to the delight of its occupants.

Photographs by LUKE HAYES

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